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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Our Class Assembly

Today was our class assembly for the rest of the school and our parents.  We are learning all about Ancient Egyptians so performed a play to show some of the facts we have found out. Take a look at the pictures of our assembly and see how good we looked dressed in our Egyptian costumes.

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My Colourful Wand

My wand is bright and colorful it has a plaster scene handle and golden stars.It is blue yellow and orange.

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My wonderful wand

In our class we have been learning about Harry Potter and our lovely teacher Miss Hegarty thought that we should make a wand so we made a wand and here are some facts about my wand. Length-14inches Type of wood-reed Core-unicorn fether Flfexibility-sturdy

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My magic wand

In class i made my very own magic wand.I the core– Phoenix tail featherwill so you some facts about my wand. length- 11 inches type of wood-holly core- phoenix tail feather flexibility-rigid

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My Magic Wand

In class we made magic wands and here is a bit of information about my wand. Length-12 inches Wood type-Ash         Flexibility-Rigid Core-Basilisk skin  

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How we made our wands: first we had to cut some wood ,then we painted it and finaly we decorated it. These are some of my wand facts if you want to find out read on ! The bottom of my wand is green and the top of my wand is red and blue. Length-12 inches … Continue reading »

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My Harry Potter Wand

Year 5 made magic wands foe our topic Harry Potter.This is a picture and some information about my wand. Length: My length is 10 inches. Type of Wood: My type of wood is holly. Core: My Core is Unicorns Hair. Flexibility: My wand flexibility is springy. I chose my length to be 10 inches because … Continue reading »

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Wonderful Writing!

In Year 5, we work hard on our writing and we write for lots of different purposes.  One of the ways we practise our writing skills is in daily Quick Writing sessions.  Take a look at some of the writing we have done this term.  

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Learning About Blogging

As part of our blogging topic, we had a go at paper blogs.  We each wrote a piece of writing about something we had done and then decorated our work with pictures.  We then moved round the room reading other people’s pieces of writing.  Using Post-it notes, we made comments and stuck them around the … Continue reading »

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Making Magic Wands

As part of our Harry Potter topic, we have designed and made our own magic wand.  We thought carefully about how to make our wands unique, measured and cut the wood then painted and decorated it.  Now we just need to see what spells we can perform with them. Here are some of the wands … Continue reading »

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Our Harry Potter Games

In Computing last half term, we used Purple Mash to create our own maze games.  We based our games on our class novel, Harry Potter, and used the internet to find images we could use to make our games more interesting. Click on the links below to play our games.  We would love to hear … Continue reading »

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