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Monthly Archives: December 2014

A Special Visitor

Year 5 and 6 were lucky to receive a special visitor on Friday.  Father Christmas came to deliver a present for all the children and we were all very excited to see him.

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Christmas Assembly

Beal Vale started our last day before the Christmas holiday with a special whole school assembly.  Some of the Year 6s did some lovely readings from the Christmas Story and the classes all performed the special songs they had been practising.  All the pupils and staff were left feeling very Christmassy.

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My wand is made of ash and is brown.My wand is awesome and cool and measures Eleven inches . Mrs Seville chopped it in to eleven inches long she  helped me to decorate it with my wand. I loved making the wands it was so cool .It was even better  than cool it was brilliant … Continue reading »

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Rebecca’s wand

I really enjoyed making my wand.Here are some facts about it . length- 11inch Type of wood- ivy Core-unicorn hair Flexibility- sturdy  I chose 11 inch wood because its not to big its not to small its just right for me. I chose ivy because it shows my personality and its close to my birthday. I … Continue reading »

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Eunice’s magical wand

It was fun making those wands! I really enjoyed it I could make more! The length: 11 inches,I picked it because I have a medium hand.                                         Core:Phoenix tail feather  Flexibility:Inflexible,I picked it because i squeezes hard … Continue reading »

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Leahs wand

When  I   planned  my  wand it was 12  inches so when i started to make it I had to measure 12 inches and cut my wand to the right size. It was made out of reed wood.I painted it different colours. I stuck jewels on it.

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Sethu amazing wand

Here are some facts about my amazing wand Length-12 inches type of wood-reed flexibility-rigid

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Imogen’s magic Harry Potter wand

I have created a  magic Harry Potter wand ,and I am going to tell you some facts.   Wood- My wood is Holly Length- My length is 11 inches Core- I chose Phoenix Tail feathers Flexibility- I chose sturdy                                 … Continue reading »

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Jonny’s Harry Potter Magic Wand

14th November 2014 Today Year5 have been making magic wands such as these^ following our Harry Potter topic. These are the facts about my wand, Length:14 inches Type of wood:Ash Core:Basilisk skin Flexibility: Rigid    

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Our Calendars

This year we have used a drawing app on the iPad to make our calendars.  We tried to create a kaleidoscope type pattern and have experimented with different colours and brush types.  They’ve turned out really well and we can’t wait to take them home.

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Nativity Success

Well done to the Infants for this afternoon’s fantastic Nursery Rhyme Nativity.  One more performance to go tonight.

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Junior Singing

Today the juniors have been performing their Christmas songs.  This morning they sang for the other junior classes and this afternoon they performed for the parents before the Infant Nativity.  The children have all worked really hard and they sang beautifully.  Well done to them, and to Miss Edwards and the rest of the teachers … Continue reading »

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Greek Pots

We have been making our own Greek Pot pictures this half term to go with our topic on Ancient Greece.  We have looked carefully at the drawings and patterns that were on pots in Ancient Greece and tried to recreate them.  Our pots are not quite finished yet but they’re looking really good so far.

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Christmas Party Forfeits

Here are a few video clips of the forfeits we had to do during Pass the Parcel.  We had loads of fun taking part and watching other people perform their forfeits.  

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A Sneak Peek At The Nursery Rhyme Nativity

Here are a couple of clips from the Nativity dress rehearsal this morning.  Judging by today, tomorrow’s performances will be fabulous.  

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Year 5 and 6 Christmas Party

Year 5 and 6 had a great time at their Christmas party this afternoon.  We danced, played Corners, Pass the Parcel, Musical Chairs and Musical Statues then had some party food.  As it was our party day we came in our party clothes instead of our normal school uniform.  It was a great way to … Continue reading »

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The Nativity

This morning the Infants performed their Nursery Rhyme Nativity for the rest of the school.  It was a fabulous performance, mixing the traditional Nativity story with nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters.  The children and staff have worked really hard to get it ready and we know that parents will love watching it tomorrow as … Continue reading »

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Year 2’s Christmas Jumpers

Don’t Year 2 look good in their Christmas jumpers? We’ve enjoyed wearing them to raise money for Save the Children today.

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Christmas Crafts

Year 5 have started their Christmas crafts.  Have a look at our elves and wreaths.  Next week we will get to work on making our Christmas cards and decorations.  

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Year 5’s Christmas Jumpers

We’ve been wearing our Christmas jumpers today for Christmas Jumper Day.  We’ve been able to look festive and help to raise money for Save the Children.

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Christmas Jumper Day

Beal Vale is raising money for Save The Children today by having a Christmas jumper day.  Everyone has got into the spirit and we have some fabulous home made jumpers as well.

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Christmas Disco

Tonight’s Christmas Disco was a big success. We all had a great time dancing, playing games and posing in the ‘photo booth’.  

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Carol Singing

Year 5 and 6 have been out spreading some Christmas cheer this week. We have visited two local residential homes to sing some Christmas carols. We have loved performing our songs and it’s definitely made us feel very Christmassy. We’d like to say a big “Thank you” to our audiences for listening and making us … Continue reading »

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All about my wand

Here are some facts about my wand I choses holly wood because it is very strong  and very powerful My length is 13 inches because my hand is abit big My core is dragon heart string  because it is the best one flexibility is study because its not to hard and not to powerful

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My wand

It  was  fun making the wands and really  enjoyed designing them. The length of the wand is 9 inch.                                            The wood of my wand is hawthorn because it is the month of my birthday.By … Continue reading »

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Ciara’s Wonderful Wand!

I made a magic wand for myself earlier in the term. The first thing I had to do, was cut my wand the correct length.Then I had to make a grip (so I knew what way to hold my wand.) After doing that I had to decorate it. To do that I painted it in … Continue reading »

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Tyler’s wand

I really enjoyed making my wandand here’s some detail about it  wood-willow length-12 inches                                          core-hippogriff feather flexibility-rigid

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My wondrous wand

In year 5 our  topic is about Harry Potter and so our clever teacher Miss Hegarty thought no witch or wizard should not have a wand so we decided to design and make our own wands.Then in our magic book we planned out the type of wood,length,core and flexibility. length-10 inches type of wood-oak core-unicorn … Continue reading »

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My magic wand

Here are some facts about my wand. Length-10 Inches. Type of wood-Hazel Core-Unicorn hair Flexibility-Swishy   By Sophie  

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my wand JLE

My wand is blue .It is 9 inchis.It made from cherry wood.In the core is unicorn hair. It has silver spots on it .

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