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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Learning About Forces

In Science this term, Year 5 are learning all about forces.  Today we have been doing some experiments to test floating and sinking, and upthrust.  We tried to push a balloon underwater and felt the force of the water pushing against it, then we changed the shape of plasticine to make it float.

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Examining A Spider Skin

After our visit from Zoo Lab, Evie brought in a real tarantula skin to show the class.  We were fascinated to see it up close and learn more about it.

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Year 4 Have A Visit From Zoo Lab

Year 4 enjoyed their Zoo Lab session today.  They got to learn about and touch a number of different animals and were really interested in all the facts they were told.  

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Zoo Lab Visit Year 6

Today Zoo Lab came in and told us all about their animals.  We got to see, and touch, a giant African land snail, a tarantula, a rat, a tortoise and a corn snake.  It was a really interesting and enjoyable session.

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Things We Learnt From Zoo Lab

Have a look at some of today’s Learning Logs with facts the children learnt during their Zoo Lab session.

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A Visit From Zoo Lab

Today we had a chance to see, touch and hold a variety of small animals in our Zoo Lab session.  We found out lots of things about the animals and asked some really good questions.  It was a really interesting lesson and we all loved it.  

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Zoo Lab

Beal Vale has been visited by Zoo Lab today.  The children have had the opportunity to learn about a variety of animals and have been able to see them up close.  They particularly enjoyed the chance to touch and hold some of them.  Have a look at some of the creatures we have met today. … Continue reading »

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Our Finished Greek Pots

Last term we painted pictures of Greek Pots.  We studied the patterns and images the Ancient Greeks used to paint on their pots and tried to either copy some carefully or draw some in a similar style.  Here are our pots now on display in the corridor.

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Fun In The Snow

Year 5 and 6 got to go outside and make the most of the snow this afternoon.  The children loved making snowmen or just having fun rolling the snow into huge piles.  

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Beal Vale In The Snow

Beal Vale is surrounded by snow today.  The children were very excited this morning to find the playground covered in snow when they arrived this morning and have enjoyed watching it continue to fall.  The school really does look lovely today.

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Year 5 are lucky to have a badminton coach working with them this half term.  We are learning the rules of the game, how to hold a racquet correctly and to improve our accuracy when hitting the shuttlecock.  It is lots of fun and we are trying hard to get better each week.  

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Fencing Club

Some of Year 5 have been learning a new sport this half term in a fencing after school club.  They have practised using a foil and are developing their accuracy.  All of their children are really enjoying learning new skills and trying something different.  

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All About Engineering

Year 5 were very lucky to have a visitor today who told us all about his job in engineering, about sound and about submarines.  It was very interesting and we would like to thank Mr Wylie for coming in to see us.

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Tessellating Patterns

Our Computing topic this half term is to create art using a computer.  We started the topic looking at using the website below to make interesting tessellating patterns.  The patterns we made look really effective and we can’t wait to move on and make more computer art.

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Learning Logs

At the end of the week, Year 5 complete Learning Logs to show some of the things they have learnt that week.  The children have to think carefully about how to prove that they have really learnt the things that they put in their Logs.  They also record some of the ways that they have … Continue reading »

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