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Monthly Archives: April 2015


Years 3 and 4 are currently working hard during rehearsals for the end of year show, Seussical the musical. keep up the good work!

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What did you Learn at Dewa?

Our visit to Dewa this week has kick started our Roman topic for this term. What did you learn about the Romans? Can you remember any interesting facts?

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Dewa Roman visit to Chester

Year 3 had a great time visiting the Roman museum in Chester this week. Alisha, from Dewa, gave us a guided tour around the museum to show  us what Roman life was like. Connor volunteered to eat some Roman sweets but I think he changed his mind once he saw what they considered sweets! Then we … Continue reading »

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Making Fish

This term, Year 5’s topic is Rivers and Under the Sea and we are turning our classroom into an under the sea world.  To hep decorate the classroom, the children have been creating their own tropic fish which will look fantastic when they’re finished and hanging from the ceiling.

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Rivers Wildcard

Yesterday Year 5 took part in a Rivers Wildcard activity.  The children worked in groups to research a famous river and create a poster to teach others all about their river.  The children had to choose the appropriate resources to help them complete their task, collaborate well in their groups and solve their own problems … Continue reading »

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Georges Seurat-Spring Art Project

As part of our art topic last term  Year 3 explored the artist Georges Seurat with a focus on his first major painting, Bathers at Asnieres (1884). It was a large painting of people relaxing near the water at Asnieres. Seurat began to explore the science of optics and colour. The children also carried out … Continue reading »

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Explore Learning

This week we had a visit from Explore Learning. During the session Year 3 were Arctic Explorers and completed a variety Maths tasks. The children used their skills to measure the amount of water in Litres (L) and converted this to Millilitres (ml). They also correctly calculated how much weight the polar bears were losing … Continue reading »

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Today Year 5 and 6 took part in auditions for our end of year show, Seussical the Musical.  Everyone who had a go did brilliantly and staff were really impressed with the talent we saw.  With so many fabulous performances it will be very difficult to choose who will play each part but it looks … Continue reading »

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Maths Games

Here is the link to the Maths games we have played in class so you can practise, and improve, your skills at home.

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ActiveLearn Website

Year 5 remember to keep practising your maths skills by playing the games on your Abacus site.  The link to the site is below The ‘School Code’ to put in under your username and password is: beal

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Online Games

Click on the games to take you to a site with online educational games that will let you practise your skills in a number of different subjects.  Once on the site, click the word ‘Games’ to take you to the games menu where you can choose games by subject or year group.  

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Share What You Know

Year 5 we have studied two History topics this year, Ancient Greece and The Vikings.  Leave a comment below and share some of the things you learnt during these topics. Miss Hegarty

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Budding Actors!

Over the past few weeks Year 3 have been learning about playscripts and taken on the role of characters from our Big writing Adventures. The children have looked at the features and identified these within playscripts .  Lady Catherine, Sir Max the Knight and the Jester are some of characters that have appeared in our … Continue reading »

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The Road Safety Officer Visits Year 3

This term Year 3 had a visit from Mike, the Road Safety Officer, to remind us how to be safe out of school when crossing the road.  

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Volcanic Eruptions!

The children were very excited when as part of our Geography topic on Volcanoes we made a ‘volcanic eruption’.  We used white vinegar, baking soda, red food colouring, washing up liquid and water to create our ‘eruption’. This also linked with science as we made a chemical reaction!  Mixing the vinegar (acid) and the baking … Continue reading »

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Wild Card Challenge

Year 3 were asked to find out if volcanoes exist on other planets. They worked in small groups and used their B.L.P (Building Learning Power) skills  to complete the challenge.  

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Our Highwayman Silhouettes

Our Art work this half term has been to make silhouette pictures of a scene from The Highwayman.  The children have worked carefully with paint and card to make these pictures and they look very effective displayed on the wall.

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