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Volcanic Eruptions!

Posted by on April 5, 2015

The children were very excited when as part of our Geography topic on Volcanoes we made a ‘volcanic eruption’.  We used white vinegar, baking soda, red food colouring, washing up liquid and water to create our ‘eruption’. This also linked with science as we made a chemical reaction!  Mixing the vinegar (acid) and the baking soda (alkali) releases bubbles of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The washing up liquid is just there to trap the bubbles so it flows over the ‘volcano’ like real lava! 100_2947100_2943 100_2949100_2950 

3 Responses to Volcanic Eruptions!

  1. harry rimmer

    I loved it when the soda didn’t stop flowing and i hope we do something like this again.

  2. bvyear3

    I thought it was going to go every-where and it got really exiting while we was waiting . I wonder if we might do any exiting experiments like this on any other topics


  3. rhys

    looks COOL!!! I wish I wasn’t poorley
    when the volcano exploded.At least I know
    about volcanoes 🙂


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