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Georges Seurat-Spring Art Project

Posted by on April 24, 2015

As part of our art topic last term  Year 3 explored the artist Georges Seurat with a focus on his first major painting, Bathers at Asnieres (1884). It was a large painting of people relaxing near the water at Asnieres. Seurat began to explore the science of optics and colour. The children also carried out some experiments, with Mrs.Holmes, to experience how we see colour. Seurat found that, rather than mixing the colours of paint on a palette, he could place tiny dots of different colours next to each other on the canvas and the eye would mix the colours. Today we call this Pointillism.  Each child has produced their own interpretation of Bathers at Asnieres and the results are fantastic. Well done Year 3!

georges_seurat_bathers_sm IMGP1296 IMGP1300 IMGP1306 IMGP1308 IMGP1309 IMGP1324

5 Responses to Georges Seurat-Spring Art Project

  1. Leah

    I really liked doing this in art and hope we can do something like it again

  2. rhys

    COOL! painting guys


  3. Aaliya

    It was brill it looks like we actually drawer I wish we could do it again

  4. Zara

    It was brill the pictures were amazing

  5. bvyear5

    Well done year 3

    From Tanjia Year 5

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