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Dewa Roman visit to Chester

Posted by on April 30, 2015

Year 3 had a great time visiting the Roman museum in Chester this week. Alisha, from Dewa, gave us a guided tour around the museum to show  us what Roman life was like. Connor volunteered to eat some Roman sweets but I think he changed his mind once he saw what they considered sweets! Then we joined the Roman army and marched to Chester Roman Gardens. It was here that Abigail took on the role of a Roman Solider and  bravely tried out the armour. The children listened well and  practised forming a Testudo, ready for battle. We finished off our day with a  visit to Britain’s largest  Amphitheatre, where battle commenced.

Abigail i testing how protective the helmet is!

Abigail the brave one!

I'm ready for battle!

I’m ready for battle!



What is Matthew holding?

What is Matthew holding?


Testudo formation

Testudo formation


Help me !

Help me !

Let battle commence!

Let battle Commence!




7 Responses to Dewa Roman visit to Chester

  1. bvyear3

    I really liked it and I really want to go again.

  2. rhys

    my favorouite part about the trip was the
    marching and the teacher fighting with toy swords


  3. shannon

    I loved going on the roman trip it was rely fun and i hope we go on a trip like this again and i cant weight till we do

    from shannon

  4. bvyear3

    My favourite thing was geting to walk with roman soilder . I’m suprised that so many people wanted to get hit on the head with a sword . Even though he lied saying alot of children got their heads cut off and I know he was lieing but deap down I had a slight part of me thinking oh my gosh I don’t want to get killed


  5. Aaliya

    I loved it I want to go again I wantes to go up but I thought he thought that he was actually going to get my head chopped off haaaa!!!

  6. Leah

    This was one of my favourite trips I want to go again from leah

  7. Zara

    This was one of my favourite school trips.I loved it when we went to the hands on room

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