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What did you Learn at Dewa?

Posted by on April 30, 2015

Our visit to Dewa this week has kick started our Roman topic for this term. What did you learn about the Romans? Can you remember any interesting facts?

5 Responses to What did you Learn at Dewa?

  1. Aaliya

    I learnt about dewars they have a stick with a sponge on it and the use it for tissue and they all have to share it ewww.

  2. Aaliya

    I mean dewa.

  3. Zara

    At Dewa I learnt that if your arm broke you would have to cover it with goat poo and hold it in place with 2 sticks.

  4. rhys

    I leant that roman streets where realy smelly YUK


  5. bvyear3


    I learnt tthat a roman sweet is a doormice stuffed with fruit and glazed in honey . I woudn’t like to eat a doormouse as a sweet eww !

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