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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Our Enquiry Week Song

As part of Enquiry Week, each group had to rewrite a verse of a song, record themselves singing it and then use our green screen and the iPads to film their own dance routine.  The individual parts have been put together and here’s our finished song.   Under the Sea 2015 from Beal Vale on … Continue reading »

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More Maths Games

Here’s another website with Maths games to help you practise your skills.  The link should open up on an angles game but you can use the links on the page to take you to other games to play.

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Enquiry Week Presentations

One of the tasks during Enquiry Week was to research a sea creature and create a presentation it, incorporating some form of ICT. They then gave these presentations in front of the staff and their classmates. The groups all worked hard on their presentations and I was particularly impressed with the confident, clear voices and … Continue reading »

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The End Of The Under The Sea Enquiry Week

Last week’s Under the Sea Enquiry Week was a big success and we all had lots of fun.  The children worked hard on their tasks, finding out lots of information about their sea creature, producing some imaginative models and giving interesting presentations.  The pupils continued to improved their BLP skills throughout the week while completing … Continue reading »

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More Rehearsals

After a long week of SATs and assessments last week, Year 5 and 6 took part in another play rehearsal.  Our dance routines are really coming on and our lead actors are becoming much more confident with their parts. Take a look at what we’ve been up to. MVI 0206 from Beal Vale on Vimeo. … Continue reading »

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Under the Sea Enquiry Week

  Year 5 and 6 are taking part in an Enquiry Week this week based on our Under the Sea topic.  The children are working in mixed groups and they have a variety of tasks they have to complete, using their BLP skills to help them.   Each group has to:   make a 3D … Continue reading »

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Using Conjunctions

Year 3 have been learning to use a variety of time conjunctions to link events and to improve the flow of their work. This week in Grammar the children worked in groups to use time conjunctions.  Each group was given a variety of conjunctions to use.  Their task was to write as many sentences as … Continue reading »

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Investigating Plants

This half term Year 3 have been learning all about plants in science.  The children were set a challenge this week to investigate the different parts of a plant, their function and any other interesting facts. Working in small groups the children gathered information, using Ipads and books, then produced a presentation, capitilising on the … Continue reading »

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Where In The World?

Use the clues in the comments below to work out the places in the world being described.  Comment with your guess, rmember to read the guesses other people make so you don’t say the same thing.  If you guess right you get a housepoint and I will put up clues to a new place.

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Year 5 Are Under Water!!

The Year 5 classroom is being transformed into an underwater kingdom to go along with our topic for the term, ‘River and Under the Sea’.  We now have ‘waves’ going across the ceiling and some of our finished fish hanging in between.  We will continue to add to our displays as the topic goes on … Continue reading »

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More Rehearsals for the Music Festival

Year 5 and 6 continued their Music Festival rehearsals this week.  As well as putting more actions into our routine, the children have worked on their acting skills, showing how their characters feel through facial expressions in different parts of the song.  The whole thing is coming together well and will look fabulous on the … Continue reading »

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River Presentations

Year 5 continued their Rivers Wildcard this week and presented what they had found out to the rest of the class.  The children finished and showed their posters while telling the other children all about their famous river.

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River Facts

Now you have done your Rivers Wildcard and found out about a famous river, what facts can you remember?  Comment below with any facts about your river that you’ve found out during your research. Miss Hegarty

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Maths With Explore Learning

This week two of the tutors from Explore Learning came to visit for a Maths problem solving session.  We had to pretend to be restaurant owners and use our data collection and fraction skills to work out the amount of  ingredients we would need.  We all got very involved in the session and tried really … Continue reading »

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The Great Pasta Challenge Wild Card Activity.

Today Year 3 took part in another wild card task, The Great Pasta Challenge! Children worked in groups of 6 to complete a set of given tasks, using a variety of B.L.P skills throughout the challenge. These included  collaboration, perseverance, imagining, planning and capitalising. The children successfully completed the challenge and took home their creations.

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Rehearsal Time

Yesterday Year 5 and 6 started rehearsals for our end of year show, and for our Music Festival performance in June.  The children worked hard to perfect the moves of a dance routine that will be an important part of the show.

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