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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Choosing Time in Year 3

The children are enjoying choosing time in year 3 as there is a variety of things for them to do during their reward time.

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Nutrition for Humans

We have been learning about a healthy diet and the different food groups within the food wheel.  The children sorted some items of food and drink  in pairs and together placed them correctly in their own food wheel. The children learnt about the types of food within the food groups and the recommended amount to … Continue reading »

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Investigating The Earth, Sun and Moon

Today Year 5 have been investigating The Earth, Sun and Moon.  They worked in groups to choose spheres that would represent the sizes of The Earth, Sun and Moon.  The children showed good collaboration and reasoning skills but they were shocked when they found out the right answers.

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Year 3 learn Spanish

Year 3 are progressing well and are enjoying our weekly Spanish sessions with Miss.Doran.  Last week we started off by exploring the sounds that are used in Spanish. This week the children have learnt how  to have a small conversation including saying hello, asking someone their name and replying and goodbye. The children worked very … Continue reading »

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Finding Out About The Queen

To celebrate The Queen becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Year 5 did a Wildcard activity yesterday where they researched The Queen and produced posters about her.  They showed good BLP skills during the activity and produced some lovely posters which have already gone up on the wall.

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New York Wild Card Challenge

Year 3 were given the challenge of finding out about New York  to help Mrs.Brown learn more about the place before she visits. The children worked collaboratively in small groups and used their B.L.P (Building Learning Power) skills to complete the challenge. Their task was to research and find out about New York City’s famous … Continue reading »

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The First Choosing Time of the Year

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed their first Choosing Time of the year on Friday.  Playing the dance game on the Wii and table tennis proved particularly popular.

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Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers

Year 5 have started the new school year with a problem solving group activity. They used their BLP skills to plan and make the tallest tower that they could using just spaghetti and marshmallows. The tower had to stand up unsupported long enough to be measured. The children did really well and came up with … Continue reading »

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