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Playground Improvements

Posted by on October 15, 2015

We have been working hard at Beal Vale to improve the playgrounds and outdoor space.  Over the summer we had tarmac put on the All Weather Pitch which has created a lovely, large Junior Playground and allowed us to give the Infants more room to play.  We have also created ‘Quiet Areas’ where the children can go during playtimes to chat, read books and do other quiet activities.  The children have loved the changes so far.

Today we have installed the latest change.  We have bought barriers to create two separate football pitches and goals for the children to use during playtimes.  The barriers are great because they can be removed and rearranged if we want to use the space for different things.   So far the new pitches have been a hit with the pupils.

P1290015 P1290016 P1290012 P1290014

2 Responses to Playground Improvements

  1. bvyear5

    i actaully like the new improvements because it blocks the football off to the other side of the side where people are playing.

    isabella yr5

  2. sophie w

    i like it because when you roll it it night go somewhere and then you need to get it so its easy when it is split up sophie yr4

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