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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Stone Age Boy Hot Seating

The children have really enjoyed our new book that we are using in English called Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. Today some of the children took on the role of the boy who fell down a hole and ended up in the Stone Age. All the children generated questions they would like to ask … Continue reading »

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Big Summer Reading Challenge

A reading challenge was set over the summer to encourage children to read for pleasure and take advantage of their local library. It takes place every year and each year there is  different theme.  This year’s Challenge was called The Big Friendly Read, inspired by Roald Dahl’s life and books. Some of year 3 received their … Continue reading »

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For our first computing topic Year 3 take on the role of computer programmers! They children have learnt what an algorithm is and they have already watched and reviewed the animations of others. They are now in the process of planning their own storyboard in pairs.  Next week they are going to create their backgrounds … Continue reading »

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In year 3 we learn Spanish with Miss. Doran who visits us on a Monday morning. Last week we learnt how to say hello and goodbye.   We have moved on this week to practising holding a short conversation in partners and learnt how to ask their name.

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First Choosing Time of Year 3

The children had a really good time on Friday during their first choosing time of Year 3. They dressed up,played on the ipads, played with the lego and learnt how to make loom bands.The afternoon was finished off with Billy and Alexander winning the raffle.

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New York Wildcard Challenge

Year 3 were given the challenge of finding out about New York  to help Mrs.Brown learn more about the place before she visits. The children worked collaboratively in small groups and used their B.L.P (Building Learning Power) learning muscles to complete the challenge. Their task was to research and find out about New York City’s famous … Continue reading »

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First Choosing Time of the Years for Year 5 and 6

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed their first Choosing Time of the year today and they had a great time.  The new dressing up clothes were a hit and the children had lots of fun getting dressed up.

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Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers

Year 5 started the new school year with a problem solving task. They had to work together in groups to create the tallest freestanding tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows. They children had some interesting ideas and enjoyed the change to collaborate and investigate.

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Year 3 Sow Seeds

Our first day back to school and we’ve been sowing seeds. Today the children helped Mrs.Norbury to sow some spring onion and kale seeds in our orchard bed. The children will be checking on them regularly to see their progress and to ensure they have enough water. They can’t wait to harvest them!This links well with … Continue reading »

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