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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Proofreading Spectacles!

Today the children used their proofreading spectacles and their coloured gel pens to edit and improve their written work.  They are only just learning to edit and improve but they were thoroughly hooked with the idea of using fresh eyes to read and improve their work. The spectacles helped a lot!!!!

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Making a Magnetic Tool

Today the children were set a task to make a magnetic tool. First they had to discuss in their groups a design idea and a purpose. Next they used the resources given to produce their tool. Finally they presented their finished devise to the rest of the class with an explanation and demonstration of how … Continue reading »

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Christmas Songs 2016

Here are our Christmas songs so you can practise at home.  

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Who Is Your Anti-bullying Superhero?

This week we have been thinking about anti-bullying. The children have designed their own superhero who is going to stop bullying. Have a look below at some of their designs and how they plan to stop bullying happening.  

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Our Christmas Songs 2016

Here are the Christmas songs we are learning so you can practise them at home.    

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Science / Design Technology- Making Games

Following on from last weeks experiment with surfaces, today we have researched making a game.  We had a choice of different materials to use such as sandpaper, cardboard, polythene and carpet.The children had to choose the best material for the job (DT). The game had to include one of these materials for the surface and … Continue reading »

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Science- Which Surface?

In Science we have been learning about forces. Using practical science the children were able to discover for themselves which surface was the best to roll a ball and for a coin to travel. Take a look at the pictures below to see the kinds of things the children experimented with. Lots of fun was … Continue reading »

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writing week year 5

in writing week  i had a good time sort of we did a lot in writing    week i did a lot of work but i need to catch up because i have  a lot  of work to do. not that much I’m on the deforestation   its  not that hard in year 5.i think it is super fun i … Continue reading »

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The Lorax

The lorax is an enchanted person who speeks for the trees,he has big blue eyes and a big grey mush stash that covers his face.He has a little yellow body and tiny arms he is always angry and shouty and is hardly ever quiet!He waches out for all the animals like the brown bar -ba-loots … Continue reading »

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The Magical Me!

In year 5 I’ve done a lot of thing lately  but i loved the magical me you can design you as a wizard and make a pet say why you like it also  you can say who would be you friend.It was great fun i got mine on the wall.

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Orchard Vegetable Tasting

Today, Mrs.Norbury prepared some potato dishes and some salads, using radish, for the children to try. Some of the children had never tasted radish and were brave enough to try. The children were amazed that the radish seeds they sowed grew into real vegetables in our school orchard! They are starting to gain a real understanding … Continue reading »

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Remembrance Day

Today we held 2 minutes silence with the rest of the school at 11am. We  remembered all the brave men and women who have fought for our country and those who are still in active service. Ethan brought his great-grandad’s war medal in to show the rest of the class.

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Our Very Own Vegetables

Mrs.Norbury and some children from our class went into the Orchard to harvest the potatoes and radish that have been growing. The frost had damaged the leaves but the potatoes still looked really fresh and some were quite big! We hope to cook them and let the children taste a variation of some dishes using … Continue reading »

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