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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Harry Potter Enquiry Week 2017

Last week we had a great time taking part in a Harry Potter Enquiry Week. We collaborated in groups to complete tasks, took part in a quidditch tournament and had a House Cup ceremony. All week we tried to earn housepoints for our Hogwarts House by working well, completing tasks and using our B.L.P. skills. … Continue reading »

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Our Hogwarts Songs

As part of our Enquiry Week some of the groups wrote and performed their own Hogwarts Song. The children wrote their own lyrics and created their own music for their songs. The songs are brilliant, take a look at how well the children have done. MAH02659 from Beal Vale on Vimeo. Video 2017-10-27 11.29.42 from … Continue reading »

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Our Harry Potter Animations

One of the tasks during our Enquiry Week was to create animations of a scene from Harry Potter.  The children used a variety of programs and apps including I Can Animate, Green Screen, iMovie and GarageBand to make their animations.  They had to explore how to use the apps and work out their own solutions to … Continue reading »

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Our Silhouettes and Magical Banners

Some more of our creative work has gone up on the wall outside our classroom.  We have created silhouettes about about ourselves, filled with our favourite things, and things that are important to us.  We have also made Magical Me banners and put in our ideas of what we would be like if we were … Continue reading »

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Harry Potter Enquiry Week

This week Year 5 and Year 6 are taking part in a Harry Potter Enquiry Week.  The children are all working in mixed groups to complete a selection of Harry Potter based tasks, including making animations and board games.  The children will have to use their B.L.P. skills throughout the week to make decisions and … Continue reading »

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Local History Assembly

Mr Morris and our House Captains led an assembly last week to tell us more about the mills our school Houses are named after.  Each of the children from Year 1 upwards are members of one of the 4 school Houses – Dawn, Briar, Rutland and Clough – and each is named after a local … Continue reading »

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Today we have had our Harvest festival at Beal Vale.  The children have been bringing in donations of tins and packets for the last few weeks and today Mr Taylor, from the Shaw Salvation Army, came in to collect them all.  During the assembly Reception sang us their Harvest song.  We also learnt all about … Continue reading »

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Celebrating Book Week at Beal Vale

At the end of our recent Book Week, we had a special Good Work Assembly for the children to show some of the fabulous work they had produced from their book.  There was a lovely mix of work inspired by the books the classes had been studying, including different types of writing and art work.

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The Road Safety Team Visit Year 3

This week we had a visit from Oldham’s Road Safety Team. The children were left with an increased understanding or road awareness and how to cross the road safely. They also learned about the consequences of not following road safety advice covering areas such as crossing roads and riding a bicycle.

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Year 3 Enjoying their Well Earned Choosing Time

On a Friday afternoon we have choosing time which is a chance for the children to choose the activity they want to do as a reward. Below are some pictures showing the kinds of things Year 3 choose.

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Year 3 Kick Off the Daily Mile

This week we have started the daily mile in year 3. Some of the children have already been choosing to complete this during lunch time with Mrs.Founde. They thoroughly enjoyed following the playground circuit for 13 laps which equals a mile or just moving for 15 minutes. Research suggests that increasing opportunities to be physically active during the … Continue reading »

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Our Book Week Poems

During Book Week, the children wrote their own ‘colour poems’, using one of the colours from the book.  Here are some of our finished poems.

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The Owls Have Come to Roost in Year 5

Year 5 have their own owlery in the classroom just like Hogwarts and, as part of our Harry Potter topic, they have made their own owls to fill it.  The children used their imagination and creativity to design and make interesting and usual owls, and they made the most of the resources they were given … Continue reading »

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Our Scratch Art

As part of our Book Week work, we have been creating our own scratch art. First we used wax crayons to colour in our piece of card and then we painted over it with a mixture of black paint and washing up liquid. Once the paint was dry we scratched it off with cocktail sticks … Continue reading »

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Photo Editing

As part of our Book Week work on the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, the children have been thinking about where the crayons might have gone when they left Duncan.  The children researched a holiday destination somewhere in the World and then used the app Pixomatic to create a holiday picture for the crayon … Continue reading »

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Book Week

This week at Beal Vale it has been Book Week. Each class has spent the week looking at one particular book and taking part in lots of activities based on their book. In Year 5 we have been working on The Day the Crayons Quit. We have loved the book and have done lots of … Continue reading »

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Science Activity

As part of our Science topic on Earth and Space, the children worked in groups to decide on how the sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon compared to each other. The children chose from a variety of spheres the ones they thought would represent the Earth, Sun and Moon, and then explained their reasons … Continue reading »

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Book Week 2017

As part of our book week the children brought their favourite books into class so they could share their love of books with others. The children brought in a great selection of books.

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Book Week ‘The Tin Forest’

This week we have been studying The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson  as our stimulus for book week. All the activities that we have completed this week have been linked to this text. We have worked hard to complete tasks such as colouring our own contrasting forest, using the Word Salad app … Continue reading »

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Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers

Year 5 tried to improve their BLP skills by working together to build the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow tower in the time they were given.  The children had to work collaboratively in groups and used their planning and revising skills. Have a look at the groups at work. Spag and Marshmallow 2017 from Beal Vale … Continue reading »

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Reading Rewards

Some of our children took part in a reading challenge over summer with our local library where they had to read a variety of different book.  The children were pleased to receive their certificates and medals this week for completing the challenge. Here are two of our Year 5 children proudly showing off their certificates … Continue reading »

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