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Troy Story Songs 2

Posted by on February 13, 2018

Here are the songs from this year’s Junior production for you to practise with.

Chop Chop Brother

Always and Forever

Hard As Nails

14 Responses to Troy Story Songs 2

  1. bvyear3

    I like the songs because i practice them.LaceyL

  2. bvyear3

    nice songs

  3. bvyear3

    I love these songs when i listen to them and when i practice them Jack B.

  4. bvyear3

    i love these songs we practise them in class . leo

  5. bvyear3

    i like these songs because we can practise them and listen to them on the blog.Nikoleta

  6. bvyear3

    Love Always and forever amazing song i practiced in my class
    from Khadiza

  7. bvyear3

    I loved the Always and forever i cried when i first heard it
    from Evie

  8. bvyear3

    I love the Troy story songs Niah

  9. anya

    i love always and forever dont you? Anya.

  10. bvMrsBrown

    That’s my favourite song too Anya. Mrs.Brown

  11. Millie

    My favorite is bunch of losers.millie

  12. anya

    i was practising with my cousins.Anya

  13. Tom

    The songs are amazing because we are doing Troy story for our play

  14. Tom T


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