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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Year 2 had some visitors today to talk about life as a child during WW2. Mrs Wild’s Mum and Dad talked to the children about living through air raids, rationing and being evacuated! The children also tried on gas masks and practiced what to do when they heard the air raid siren!

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A Trip to Blue Planet Aquarium

Today Year 5 have been to the Blue Planet Aquarium as part of their ‘River and Under the Sea’ topic.  The children had a brilliant day and learnt lots of new information about fish and other sea creatures.  Here’s a few pictures of the day, more will be posted tomorrow.

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Following Instructions to Make a Roman Road

Today we have carried on with our instructional work in English. We thought about  the most important features of instructions and how they were structured. We then looked at a good example and a set of instructions that needed improving. As a class we discussed how they could be improved. Finally we followed a set … Continue reading »

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English- Following Instructions

Our new English topic for the next few week focusses upon instructions. The children had a little fun asking Mrs.Brown to copy a design from a card following their instructions and they quickly learned that instructions need to be precise. They then worked in pairs to instruct each other to copy the design as accurately … Continue reading »

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St.George’s Day

On Monday  we learned about St.George. This is the day on which we remember St George, England’s patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England’s national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. We were able to … Continue reading »

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Science- Light and Shadows

Our new topic for this half term is Light and Shadows. To start our topic off we were learning and sorting light sources and reflectors. The children chose an item from the bag and placed next to the correct label to indicate whether it was a light source or reflector. They loved this task and … Continue reading »

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PSHE Through Music

Today Year 5 have been listening to the song ‘This Is Me’ from the film The Greatest Showman.  The children listened to the song once and then came up with their own ideas of what the message/meaning is.  We then looked more closely at the lyrics and discussed them in more detail.  The children took … Continue reading »

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Peer Assessing

Our book this half term is Puzzle Island by Paul Adshead and we are loving it so far.  We have written letters to the character of Ambrose and today the children had a go at assessing each other’s work.  They worked in pairs and assessed the letters using a set of criteria.  They tried hard … Continue reading »

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Litter picking

Whilst doing a Science experiment outside, Year 4 noticed that there was lots of litter within the school grounds. They are keen to do whatever they can to look after our environment. Many of the class gave up their own time, during choosing time, to pick up litter in the orchard (Fern Croft).

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St George’s Day Wildcard

Today Year 5 were finding out all about St. George and why we celebrate St. George’s Day.  The children took part in a Wildcard activity, they worked in groups to research St. George and create a poster to show what they discovered.  The children collaborated really well and found lots of interesting information.

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Insect hunt!!!

Today, Year 4 spent time in Fern Croft looking for insects and their habitats as part of our science work. We had lots of fun! We were surprised by the variety of insects we found, the children were very respectful of the insects and ensured they handled them with care.  

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Black Out Poetry

As part of our work on the book King Kong, the children has created their own ‘black out poems’.  Using a page from the book, they chose words in the text to make up their poems and then used colour, patterns or pictures to ‘black out’ the rest of the text on the page.  The … Continue reading »

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