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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Health Champions Workshop 1 for 2018-2019

Today was the first workshop for our new Health Champions, Jack and Tianna. They thoroughly enjoyed learning more about their role and how to plan and implement sessions linking with the termly health messages. The workshop was also attended by Bruno Lima who went from being inactive to making lifestyle changes and becoming 3000m British … Continue reading »

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Choosing Time

In choosing Time we are allowed to play on the way wii. Some of the yr 6 children help set it up. We can stay in the classroom if we want to and we are allowed to get out the plaster seen to and we can also dress up as the characters out of Harry … Continue reading »

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National Fitness Day 2018

As today is National Fitness Day, we have been doing our ’10 minutes at 10′.  Year 5 and 6 joined together in the Hall for 10 minutes of activity and even Mr Richards popped in to join us for the ‘Baby Shark’ dance.

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Learning Logs

In are Learning Logs we have to write 3 things of what we have done that week. You can draw to but do not add to much drawing and write 1 BLP copasity. After all that you can start choosing time.

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Choosing Time

In choosing we got the Wii out and the Ping-pong table out. People were danceing to the music of the Wii. I love choosing also were not allowed to go in the hall if were off even for a day or we move are name down its the best experance ever! Writen by Connor

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Choosing Time

In choosing time we can go in the hall and play on the wii and play ping pong if we have not moved our name down .We are also allowed to play on the computers and on the ipads.If you have lost all your choosing time you cant go in the hall or play on … Continue reading »

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Year 5 Learning Logs

In year 5 we do learning logs on a Friday afternoon  like all the other classes. We write about all the activities we did during the week say you did maths then you would write about maths or english we also write a BLP skill we did in the week we write about at least … Continue reading »

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Choosing Time

For choosing time we get to play on the wii or play in the class room.We can play with the clay and lego.In the hall if table tennis is out you can play.You can play on the computers or go in year 6.We can stop doing work and it is like a treat.I enjoy it … Continue reading »

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Wand Desiner

in are topic Harry Potter designed  a wand on a pice of paper my wand will be made out of wood it will be 11 inches long it will have plaster seen paint gold and silver . by Alexander.

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Year 5 Homework

Year 5 are doing homework differently this year.  Instead of weekly homework sheets, they will be given a ‘menu’ at the start of each half term with a variety of different activities they can choose from.  The children are enjoying carrying out different tasks and have already brought in some lovely work they have completed … Continue reading »

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Year 6 at the RAF Fighter Aircraft Exhibition

On Friday 14th September 2018 Year 6 went to Albert Square in Manchester to see a variety of fighter aircraft. We travelled on the tram to Manchester. Upon our arrival we were met by Sgt Edwards. We started of by visiting the STEM Centre where there were a number to activities to enjoy and experience. … Continue reading »

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Roald Dahl Day in Year 6

In Year 6 we shared a Roald Dahl book with our partners. We were reading for pleasure. This was followed by each of us giving a brief review of our book  

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Our Second PE Session with Latics

Today was our second PE session with Jack from Latics.  Unfortunately the bad weather meant we had to do the session inside but we still had loads of fun.  We worked some more on our communication skills, thinking about the different ways we can communicate during sport.  We ended the lesson with games of handball.  … Continue reading »

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Finding Out About the Sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon

Today, Year 5 have worked in groups to choose spheres to represent the sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon.  They had to collaborate sensibly together and come up with reasons for their choices.  Here are some photos of our activity.

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Kick Start to our new Art Gallery!

We had a letter wishing us good luck with our new School Art Gallery from The Tate Modern in London – they were so impressed with our idea, they sent us a lovely print of one of their exhibits by Picasso! We decided to change how we painted our self portraits, using Picasso’s style. Look … Continue reading »

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A Scary Crocky-Wocky Crocodile!

To mark Roald Dahl’s birthday, Reception listened to The Crocodile poem – we had a very scary crocodile! (It is really Isabella dressed up – but she was very scary!)

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PE With Latics

This half term, Year 5 are having PE sessions with Jack from Latics.  We had our first session today and had a great time developing our passing and communication skills.

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Roald Dahl Assembly

We have started Roald Dahl Day with a whole school assembly We watched a video to show where and when he was born. This was followed by a short interview where he was discussing where he did his writing and the reasons behind it.    

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Art Stone Age Cave Paintings

This week to start our topic on the Stone Age we learned about cave paintings and then the children thought about reasons why early humans may have created them. Next the whole class took part in a cave painting carousel and experimented using a variety of media.

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Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers 2018

The new Year 5s have had a busy first few days but they have all settled in to their new class well. On Wednesday afternoon they worked in groups to try to build the tallest tower out of only spaghetti and marshmallows. The tower had to stand up on its own, which lead to lots … Continue reading »

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First Choosing Time of the Year

After a busy first week back to school the children in Year 3 enjoyed a well earned choosing time.

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B.L.P Famous Artist Wild Card Challenge

This week, after learning more about B.L.P and the 17 learning muscles, the children were set to work on the first wild card challenge of the year. First we looked at and explored what art was as a class and the different types of art. Then the children thought about what art was to them … Continue reading »

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September 2018 Building Learning Power (B.L.P) Learning Muscles

Today the children have been learning more about the B.L.P learning muscles including collaboration, noticing and perseverance skills.  They took part in a variety of activities to enable understanding of the terms and how they can be recognised in day to day tasks. Children are encouraged to use these  muscles to help them to become … Continue reading »

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Our first day at school

Today we welcomed our new reception children to Mr Morris’ class.

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