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William Booth and the Salvation Army

Posted by on October 10, 2018

Earlier in the week Mr.Morris had talked about William Booth in assembly. He had shared with the children that Mr. Booth  had actually visited Shaw in 1909 in one of the first motor cars! We then extended our learning about William Booth further in class and recorded what we had found out. We made links with the Salvation Army, as he was the co founder, and learned more about the work that they do. As a school we are currently collecting food for harvest so that was our starting point. We learned that the Salvation Army is a church and their beliefs come from the Bible and made links with R.E. We looked further at some quotes taken from the Gospel Matthew. We discussed what it meant to ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’. Then in groups the children used a selection of  photos to identify specific things that the Salvation Army do such as support families and communities, help the homeless and visit the elderly. They also had to explain why they had chosen their photo. The children were amazed to learn that the Salvation Amy provide so much support around the world and Year 3 have contributed to the harvest collection along with the rest of the school.

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One Response to William Booth and the Salvation Army

  1. Keesha brearley bvyear3

    I hope the homeless and the poorer family’s make good use out often food that all Beal vale children have collected..

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