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Christmas Songs 2018 – Years 3 and 4

Posted by on November 8, 2018

Here are your Christmas songs so you can practise them at home.

13 Responses to Christmas Songs 2018 – Years 3 and 4

  1. bvyear3

    I always sing this one second a day

  2. bvyear3

    its lily

  3. Millie smith

    My favorite is ho ho ho

  4. bvyear3

    mrs brown I am on rockstars its lily

  5. scarlette

    my favourite song is ho ho ho its scarlette gleave

  6. bvyear3

    i really like this thx for posting it mrs brown or beal vale

  7. Millie

    I have been singing this every day

  8. bvyear4

    niah i love the christmas songs

  9. bvyear3

    i did the actions

  10. Millie smith

    My mum likes ho ho ho

  11. Scarlette

    Love school’s Christmas songs sing them everyday from scarlette xxx

  12. Keesha b

    Around the world is a tricky song to remember..

  13. bvyear3

    mrs brown I lost my two front teeth

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