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Prehistory visit to Murton Park 2018

Posted by on November 20, 2018

What a fantastic day we had yesterday in York.  Wolf, our guide for the day, was amazing and presented a very informative and hands on teaching session that started off our day. The children got to experience first hand what day to day living would have been like during the prehistoric ages. They learned to hunt, farm, make pottery from clay, and explored artefacts with a sketching activity. We finished off the day with a story, in our very own roundhouse, about the real life discovery of Otzi the Iceman. The children and staff had an adventurous day and came away with a better understanding of the Stone/ Bronze Ages.

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2 Responses to Prehistory visit to Murton Park 2018

  1. bvyear3

    I had a nice time there

  2. Keesha b mum

    Keesha mum loves this picture xx

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