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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Maths and BLP

Today Year 5 have been applying their Maths skills to new situations and using their BLP skills to help them solve problems. The children worked in pairs to solve a variety of Maths puzzles that led them to finding the culprit of a crime. They used lots of their BLP capacities to help them find … Continue reading »

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Year 3 Prehistory Class Assembly

Today was Year 3’s class assembly. The children worked hard to practise and performed well for the rest of the school and parents. In the assembly they shared what they had learned about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age over the last term in History. They did this through the fictional TV show, … Continue reading »

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PE- Agility

This is our second week learning about agility in PE. We have been working as a team to complete activities that use a combination of balance, coordination, speed and reflexes.  

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Dance- Who Am I?

Today we started our new dance unit. We used our names as a stimulus so we first drew them in different ways and then applied this to our movements. We used different body parts to practise writing our names, tried to vary the way we traveled to trace our names,  and then used our bodies … Continue reading »

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Nativity 2018

Our Nativity this year was a production of ‘Children of the World’, which explored how Christian children around the globe celebrate Christmas Day. Here are some pictures of our wonderful costumes.

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Infant Christmas Disco

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a wonderful time before the Christmas holidays celebrating together. We played lots of party games and won prizes, then we enjoyed some party food (as a treat – we normally eat much healthy food at school!) and went back to the hall to dance. Here are some pictures … Continue reading »

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Reception Meet the Owls

Reception Class were very excited to meet the owls from the Lancashire Hawk and Owl Trust last term. We learnt so much information! Did you know not all owls come out at night? You can tell when an owl likes to wake up by the colour of its eyes. We all got to touch each … Continue reading »

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Christmas Activities

As part of our run up to Christmas, Year 5 got very creative and made lots of lovely things to take home. They mixed salt dough which they shaped and decorated to make lovely tree decorations. They used paper folding to create pop-up trees in their Christmas cards and springy arms and legs for their … Continue reading »

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To end their Harry Potter topic, Year 5 took part in their very own Potions lesson. The children worked in groups to write a recipe for their potion, include magic words and wand movements. They then measured the ingredients, mixed the potion and even got chance to try it at the end.

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Science Wildcard

Before Christmas, Year 5 ended their Science topic with a Wildcard afternoon. The children worked in groups and were given a mixture of solids and liquids to separate. They had to design their experiment, choose appropriate equipment and carry out their experiment. There were some interesting approaches to separating materials used and we discussed at … Continue reading »

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Making Wizard Hats

Before Christmas, Years 5 and 6 joined together to carry out a Wildcard session. The children were asked to design and make a Wizard’s hat. They were allowed to us any of the resources around the classroom and could choose to work alone or in groups. The children had a great time and produced some … Continue reading »

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