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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Planting bean plants

This term in science we are focussing on plants. We started ourtopic by planting some bean seeds. We needed to check we had everything we needed to make sure the beans would grow and we must remember to water them a lot. We are looking forward to posting updates as our bean plants grow. We … Continue reading »

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Year One are yogis

Last half term we learnt some yoga in our PE sessions. We learnt lots of different poses and how to move in and out of them safely. In our final session we worked in partners to put the poses we learnt into a short sequence and after practising the sequences we taught them to another … Continue reading »

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A visit from a frog.

Today we had a visit from a live frog. We looked carefully at him and used lots of technical vocabulary to describe him. We discovered that he could jump very high and quickly as he jumped away and tried to hide under our cupboard. We are looking forward to using some of our new vocabulary … Continue reading »

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Babies come to Reception

We welcomed two babies to Reception Class today. 3 1/2 month old baby Oscar, who belongs to Miss Gorman (our Year 1 teacher) and 9 month old baby Eddie (Thomas Southworth’s little brother). We had each thought of a question to ask the babies’ mums to help us learn about our topic Growing and Changing. … Continue reading »

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RE: Who created the world?

Yesterday we started our new RE topic ‘Does a beautiful world mean there is a wonderful God?’ First we thought about questions that we would like to answer about the world we live in and then we sorted these into the most interesting and important ones. This activity provoked some good whole class discussions. Next … Continue reading »

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Tasty Maths!

Today Year 2 have been learning about fractions…and pizza! They made their own pizza base and then had to create the toppings according to instructions in fractions. They had lots of fun and the WHOLE pizzas were very tasty, not a fraction was left.

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Health Champions: Mental Health Week focusing on Kindness

This week we are focusing on being kind. Today in our assembly we thought about how we could show kindness to others and ourselves. We watched a video of kindness in action and at the end we were able to identify all the acts of kindness we saw in the video. The children also linked … Continue reading »

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Health Champions: Sleep well , feel better.

Beal Vale Health Champions for the last couple of weeks have been focusing on the effects of a good nights sleep. We have talked about the benefits of a good nights sleep such as better concentration and more energy. We have shared the recommendations for the amount of sleep children of primary school age should … Continue reading »

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RE Hindu Gods

We have been learning about Hindu Gods. We thought carefully about the images we were given and made links with the objects the Gods were holding to try and identify what aspects of the supreme God they represented. The identity of the gods were revealed.  We focused on some of the most important gods such … Continue reading »

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Using Adjectives to Describe Rooms in Wonka’s Factory

Today we learned more about adjectives. We first thought about what adjectives are used for and then had to describe three items. Next we were given pictures from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and worked in pairs to find as many adjectives as we could to describe the rooms featured in the story. Next we were … Continue reading »

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PSHE Economic Awareness

On Thursday, in our PSHE Economic awareness lesson, we learned why financial management and planning is important from an early age. First we compared currencies from different countries, noticing that large amounts of money in some countries are worth very little in England. Next we were given 750 BV’s ( our own Beal Vale currency) … Continue reading »

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Year 2 Assembly – Pirates!

Year 2 invited family and friends to join them on the pirate ship ‘The Jolly Molly’. The class shared what they have learned during their pirate topic. They have been studying the classic story of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and finding out about the lives of pirates in the past. They have thought … Continue reading »

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Safer Internet Day 2019

Year 2 have been learning how to be safe when using the internet. They have thought about what to do when games ask you to buy something or when someone you don’t know asks to join in your on-line game. A simple rule – always check with an adult!

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Chinese New Year in Reception class

Reception class have been celebrating Chinese New Year as part of their China theme. They invited parents from Parents Group with Mrs Coltman to join a feast of noodles, prawn crackers and tangerines. Did you know tangerines are lucky in China? Entertainment was provided by children performing a dragon, ribbon and other Chinese dances.

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Safer Internet Day 2019

Today we marked Safer Internet Day by taking part in a number of activities. We started by completing 30 second drawings of an apple, a dog and then the internet. We found out that our apple and dog pictures were very similar as these were physical items and ones that we had experience of. However, … Continue reading »

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Reception Class enjoy learning in the snow

During the snowy day last week, Reception took part in lots of activities to develop their learning. They did some skiing, which took some perseverance! They made animal tracks of creatures that live in snow; for example, arctic foxes, snowy owls, etc., and some children pretended to be polar bears. They also tested the snow … Continue reading »

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