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Monthly Archives: March 2019

A great day out!

Last week Year 2 went on a trip to George Street Chapel. We traveled there by tram, which got the day off to an exciting start. We all dressed up as Victorians, the girls wore shawls and mop caps. The boys wore waistcoats and scarves. We learned about life in the past and had a … Continue reading »

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Mahdlo Careers Fair

This morning Year 5 visited Mahdlo to attend a careers fair.  The children got to visit lots of different stalls, where they took part in activities and found out about different jobs.  They had a great time meeting the different people and learning lots of new things. MAHDLO from Beal Vale on Vimeo.

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Our Thoughts About Reading

Years 5 and 6 have been sharing their thoughts about Reading.  They have discussed their favourite books and the things that are good about reading.  Here are some of their ideas.

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Blackout Poems

To celebrate World Poetry Day, Year 5 created ‘Blackout Poems’ using pages from our class book King Kong.  The children had to choose words or phrases from the page to create their poem and then colour, or draw pictures or patterns, to ‘blackout’ the rest of the text.  The children tried really hard and created … Continue reading »

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The Princess and the Pea

Reception class have been learning songs from the fairy tale The Princess and the Pea. They were invited to perform their songs and on Thursday they walked to Crompton House school to take part in the performance. Everyone made a real effort to dress in costumes. Passers by were amazed to see all Princes and … Continue reading »

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Something fishy is going on in Reception.

Reception class were delighted to be able to handle and observe a range of fish. Mr Morris was the fish monger and Mrs Paskin (Alfie and Blaine’s Grandma) provided the range of fish. The children learnt lots about different fish including Plaice, Octopus, Coley, Oyster, Scallops and Prawns. This has really helped with their Knowledge … Continue reading »

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Year One’s frog life cycles

We have used our knowledge of the life cycle of a frog to paint our own life cycles. We worked in groupsof four and each took a different part of the cycle to paint. Once our paintings were dry we wrote sentences to explain what was happening. We got ourselves in order for a picture … Continue reading »

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Infants’ science show 2019

On Friday we had a visit from Adrian, who performeda a science show to help us learn all about colour, light and sound. We did so many exciting experiments with him and loved having the opportunity to get hands on with our learning. We were amazed that we could create our own rainbow on the … Continue reading »

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Year One visit a church

As part of our RE topic of Christianity we visited St James’ Church. We looked carefully around the church to see if we could find the different parts of a church we have been learning about. Howard at the church told us about different areas of the church and why they are important. We really … Continue reading »

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Year One celebrate World Poetry Day

We enjoyed exploring a range of poems for World Poetry day this week. Miss Firth chose 7 funny poems and we read them at different points in the day. We discussed why they were funny and how the rhymes and rhythm helped make them funnier. At the end of the day we voted for our … Continue reading »

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Year One’s Road Safety Morning

Year One had some special visitors on Thursday morning who came in to help us learn about safety near the road. It is very important for us to know how to be safe near the road, especially as we have roads next to our school. We know it’s important tostop, look and listen and always … Continue reading »

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Matilda Songs

Our end of year production this year is going to be Matilda.  Here are the songs so that you can practise them at home. Chokey Revolting Children My House When I Grow Up Bruce School Song Naughty

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Our Pages from King Kong

Our class book this half term is Anthony Browne’s King Kong.  The children are loving it so far and, as part of their work, they have created their own pages for the book.  The children made predictions about what they thought would happen next in the story and turned these predictions in to book pages, … Continue reading »

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Science Experiment – Irreversible Reactions

Our Science topic this term is all about reversible and irreversible reactions.  This week the children tested to see what happened when you add effervescent vitamin tablets to water.  Without knowing what the tablets were, the children started by making predictions about what they thought would happen.  After their experiment, they discussed with their group … Continue reading »

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Modroc Sculptures

Year 5 have been combining Art, Design and Technology and Science to create sculptures using Modroc.  The children planned out their designs and then needed to decide what materials to use to form the shape of their sculpture.  They problem solved and evaluated along the way and had lots of fun.

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Highwayman Silhouettes

Last half term, Year 5 created their own silhouette pictures based on the poem The Highwayman.  The children used paint mixing to create the background and then designed their silhouettes before carefully cutting them out of black paper.  The finished pictures are now up on display and look fabulous.

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Viking Shields

As part of our History topic on Vikings, Year 5 have been designing their own Viking shields.  The children found out about shields and sketched a few different versions in their Sketch Books, they then chose their favourite to paint on card.  The shields look great and are now on display in the corridor for … Continue reading »

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Science Show 2019

Today Beal Vale had a visit from Adrian, who performed two Science shows for us.  In the morning the Infants loved finding out lots of information about ‘Colour, Light and Sound’, while the Juniors explored the world of ‘Materials’ in the afternoon.  Adrian had plenty of fascinating experiments to show us and the children were … Continue reading »

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Health Champions- 5 Ways to Wellbeing- TAKING NOTICE

For the last two weeks Beal Vale Health Champions(HC) have been promoting the 5 ways to wellbeing with a particular focus on taking notice. They have delivered an assembly and set an art competition. We had lots of entries and I am pleased to announce the winner is Olivia Walker-Lees. She has been awarded 10 … Continue reading »

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World Poetry Day 2019

On Thursday we celebrated world poetry day by looking at the different types of poetry and different authors. We read poems by Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Kit Wright, Roald Dahl and Michael Rosen. Then we chose our favourite poem and thought about the reasons we liked that particular poem. In our next session we read … Continue reading »

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Year 4 celebrate World Poetry Day!

Today, year 4 celebrated World Poetry Day by reading Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare. The poem was written over 400 years ago and yet it remains as popular as ever, as well as being one of the most quoted poems of all time. The children read the poem and underlined all the words that they … Continue reading »

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Do Volcanoes Exist on Other Planets? – Wildcard Challenge

Today we completed a wildcard challenge to find out if volcanoes exist on other planets to link with our Geography topic. The children worked in small groups to answer the question by researching using Ipads and books. They created a poster to record and share their findings.  The children also showed some good use of … Continue reading »

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Red Nose Day 2019

Today we supported Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day (RND) campaign by wearing our red noses and learning more about the charity.  We explored how the money raised for RND helps those in the UK and abroad. We learned about Farhad, a young boy whose family had to flee their home country, who now lives at … Continue reading »

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Year 6 Sharing their favourite reading books

Year 6 Sharing their favourite reading books on World Book Day in their pyjamas

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World Book Day in Year 6

Year 6 had a fabulous day taking part in various activities on World Book Day last Thursday We made book marks, designed and made buntings based on our favourite books and took part in a group quiz .     The quiz winning group

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Maths games

I did some maths games from the school blog and it was quite fun. I played Sophia’s world, Duck life, Yellow and Red. Sophia’s world was fun, I think I did well but I didn’t finish every level. Duck Life was good but it was updated a bit and I liked the non-updated one more. … Continue reading »

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World Book Day in Year 5

On Thursday, the children all came to school dressed in pyjamas to celebrate World Book Day.  In Year 5, the children took park in a book themed Wildcard where they worked in groups to make hot air balloons.  The children started the day by choosing a picture book from a selection but they had to … Continue reading »

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World Book Day at Beal Vale

Thursday was World Book Day and Beal Vale celebrated their love of books and reading by coming to school dressed in their pyjamas.  The children spend the day sharing their favourite books and taking part in a variety of book activities.  It was a brilliant day and everyone had lots of fun!

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Mondrian Kindness Hearts

As part of Anti Bullying Week last half term, Beal Vale focused on kindness.  The children carried out acts of kindness each day and kept a record of these.  At the end of the week, Year 5 thought about what kindness meant to them.  They presented their ideas on hearts they had created in the … Continue reading »

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Greek Pots

The Greek pots we made during our topic on Ancient Greece are on display in the corridor.  The children came up with the designs themselves after researching Greek Pots.  They then used paint carefully to transfer their design on to their pot.  The finished products look very effective.

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