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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Treasure Chests

As part of our topic work this term, Year 5 have designed their own treasure chests. They experimented with different designs before choosing the one they liked best. They then used paint carefully to transfer their design on to their chest and learnt different techniques to create patterns and straight edges. Finally, they had the … Continue reading »

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Tin Foil Art

As part of our Island topic, Year 5 have looked at Maori art. They have then used Sharpies to transfer some Maori style sea creature pictures on to tin foil. The children worked with care and the finished products looks great.

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Attendance Award

Year 5 won the school Attendance Award this year and were rewarded with an afternoon with Anna’s Dance. The children had lots of fun playing games and learning a dance routine, which ended in a class dance off.

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Rowing Machine Challenge

The Junior children have taken part in the ‘Rowing Machine Challenge’ over the last week. Each child rowed for 30 seconds to see how many metres they could ‘travel’. Here are some pictures of Year 5 taking part.

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Matilda Photos

Yesterday’s performances of our end of year musical, Matilda, went brilliantly. Here are some of the photos we took during the shows.

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Leaver’s Disco 2019

Thursday night was our Leaver’s Disco for the Junior children. Lots of the children attended and had a fabulous time. There were games to play, food to eat, songs to dance to and of course the ever popular Photo Booth. Here are some of the photos we took during the evening.

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Yesterday the Juniors performed our fabulous end of year musical, Matilda. The children have worked incredibly hard in our rehearsals and the hard work definitely paid off. Here is the video of our dress rehearsal. Enjoy!

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Maasai Warriors!

Year 2 have been learning about life in Kenya. This week we have learned about the Maasai tribe and their culture. We found out lots of interesting things about their traditions and way of life. Did you know that the warriors do a jumping dance to show off to the girls in their tribe? Year … Continue reading »

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Exploring micro-habitats around Beal Vale

Year 2 have been learning about micro-habitats and the conditions that animals might like to live in. We explored the grounds of our school looking for different kinds of habitats and seeing which creatures we could find.

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Beal Vale lead community on History walk

On Wednesday evening 6.45-8.30pm people followed our Local History trail. Mr Morris and Mrs Finnegan with our History leaders welcomed members of the community and 20 members of Royton Townswomen’s Guild. Mr Morris led the walk with local Historian Mrs Frances Stott. We held regular stops to explain the sites. Everyone really enjoyed it and … Continue reading »

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Author Wildcard- B.L.P

This afternoon we completed an author wildcard challenge. The children were put into groups and chose an author from a bag. They combined and applied their BLP skills and worked effectively as a group to complete the given challenge.  

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Design Technology- Making Wraps

Today we continued our learning in Design Technology and made healthy wraps. We chose from a variety of ingredients including tuna, cheese, chicken and salad. They made links with our work on instructions and identified the imperative verbs as they were creating their wraps. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own wrap and enjoyed eating … Continue reading »

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What did the Romans leave us with?

This week to consolidate our learning we have thought about the things the Romans left us with. We were given some cards with legacies written on and in pairs we had to decide if they were Roman or not? After much deliberation we shared our ideas with the rest of the class and then found … Continue reading »

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Roman Jewellery

During this half term we have been exploring Roman jewellery. We have designed and created our own bracelets.

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Making Maori Bread

As part of our Islands work, Year 5 made some Maori bread this morning.  They had a great time preparing and cooking it and an even better time eating it!

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A great day out!

Year 2 had a great day visiting Blackpool Zoo. The children put their Science learning about habitats to good use as they looked at the animals and discovered where they lived. Sid, the keeper told the children about how animals are adapted to their environments and about rainforests. Highlights of the day were the lions … Continue reading »

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RE Buddhism

This half term we have been learning about Buddhism in RE. This week we learned about the 5 main teachings of this religion. Then we devised a board game to reach Nirvana after learning about enlightenment. The children showed a good understanding of the Buddhist beliefs and made links with other religions.    

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Women’s Football World Cup 2019

We have been following the progress of England’s team in the world cup. We prepared for England’s semi-final match against USA and completed a mindfulness activity. Even though England didn’t progress to the final they will now play off for third place.  Well done England!!!  

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Reception go to South Africa.

On Wednesday Mr Otto and Mrs Otto (Isabella’s Mum and Dad) joined us in class. Mr Otto is from South Africa. First we looked at videos of South Africa to look for different landscapes, mountains, beaches and deserts South Africa has everything! We then had to spot different animals to link with our jungle theme. … Continue reading »

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Wimbledon 2019

`On Monday 1st July Wimbledon started and to mark this we first learned about the history of this prestigious tennis event. Then we solved the mystery of the missing tennis balls. We had to solve maths problems to find clues to find out which tennis player discovered where the missing balls were. We made links … Continue reading »

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Maths Investigations

Year 5 have been exercising their maths brains today by tackling problem solving investigations.  The children worked together, using their maths skills, to work out a series of puzzles.  They showed good collaboration and used resources well to help them find their answers.  

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This week, Year 5 have been exploring stereotypes.  The children worked in groups to write descriptions of different types of people like nurses, builders, ballet dancers.  They then shared their ideas with the rest of the class as part of a class discussion.  Today, the groups looked at a variety of photos and matched them … Continue reading »

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Threats to Our Oceans Wildcard

Last week, Year 5 worked in groups to find out more about the threats to our oceans.  They researched the different problems and found out about the ways we can protect the oceans, and the creatures that live in them.  The children then created non-chronological reports, posters, leaflets, computer presentations and animations to tell people … Continue reading »

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Design Technology- Fruit Smoothie

Today, as part of our DT, we designed and made fruit smoothies using fresh ingredients. We also designed the packaging for our smoothies if they were available to buy. We tried some fruit combinations for the first time and even found new things we liked after tasting.  

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