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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Real Life Maths

This week, Year 5 have been applying their maths skills to solve real life problems. The children worked in pairs and each picked a job out of a hat. They then had to work out their combined salary per month, how much they had to pay for bills and how much that left them with … Continue reading »

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Swimming in Beal VAle the best day ever

in year 5 we did swimming it was amazing o and am in am in stage 2 and we did and we did a jump and.We swam in the deep end it was. Scary and i raced some OF my friends and my partner was patrick and thats the end

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pe is really good beacase pe helps you get fit i like pe beacause when ever i do pe stuff it is very fun and when ever miss hegarty picks our teams i have people that do not be mean on my team my favioute pe lesson so far is when we had the hulla … Continue reading »

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Book Week in Year 5

For our recent Book Week, Year 5 looked at the book Jumanji. The children spent the week completing a variety of different tasks based on the book including: retelling the story, character studies, non-chronological reports, writing their own pages for the book, sketching techniques, copying pictures from the book, as well as maths, computing and … Continue reading »

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Earth, Sun and Moon Investigation

This half term, our Science topic is Earth and Space. The children took part in an investigation to find out more about the relative sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon. The children collaborated in groups to choose spheres to represent the Earth, Sun and Moon and then explained their reasons to the rest of … Continue reading »

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DEAR – Reading for Pleasure

This year, Beal Vale is embracing Reading for Pleasure. In Year 5, we have introduced DEAR sessions, which stands for Drop Everything And Read. The children looked at Cressida Cowell’s Reading Charter and discussed what the different statements mean. They then created their own set of rules for our DEAR sessions so that they could … Continue reading »

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Year 5 have been completing homework from this half term’s Homework Menu. They have done a range of different activities and here are some of the things that they have been making.

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Making Our Owls

As part of our Harry Potter topic, Year 5 have been designing and making their own owls. The children used different materials and resources carefully and creatively to make the owls.

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Romeo Britto

As part of our Art work this half term, Year 5 are looking at the artist Romeo Britto. First we researched him and his artwork and then we created our own self-portraits inspired by his paintings.

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Netball team

On Tuesday a netball team went up to Crompton House School to play in a tournament for the afternoon. All the girls tried very hard and played their best! Well done Girls!

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2019 Health Champions

Blaine and Aleezah have been chosen to be our Health Champions for this year from September 2019. They have already been on their first workshop training event and had a chance to network with others who are taking on the same role. They are in the process of planning their activities to promote their role … Continue reading »

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Today was the final day of book week and what a fantastic week it has been. We have based all our lessons from geography to music and English to PE on our chosen book ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward. We made links with reading VIPERS to make initial predictions about the book and to … Continue reading »

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Book Week

Year 4 have been looking at the amazing book, The Ink House by Rory Dobner. The illustrations are fabulous and detailed and the children really enjoyed looking at them. The story is about what happens in the mysterious mansion when the artist goes off adventuring, in his hot air balloon. The class have explored alliteration, … Continue reading »

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Reception take the train for book week.

This week Reception class chose to read The Train Ride by June Crebbin. We chose this book because we now have our own train in the outdoor area. We have listened to different readings of the book including a rap. We have made storyboards. We have acted out on our train. We have made 2d/3d … Continue reading »

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Year 1 book week

This week year 1 celebrated book week. We looked at the rewritten version of ‘The Secret Garden’ The children created some wonderful art work looking at the French artist Bonnard, they explored the school garden and compared it to the secret garden, they completed some senses poems and created some character profiles.

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Dragon Egg Nest Wildcard-Book Week

Today we received a very special delivery of three dragon eggs from Mr.Thomas Fireball who asked us to look after them until Sunday as he was going on holiday. He had heard that we had been learning about dragons in our book week book,The Dragon Machine, and thought we would make good caretakers. We were … Continue reading »

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The Dragon Machine- Book Week Art

This week, as part of book week, we have been creating dragon eyes using clay. We used close up images of dragon eyes and our imagination to create our very own design and used a variety of objects to add the finer detail. The children showed some good techniques and creativity. They look fantastic!

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