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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Homework -Spring 1

This half term we have seem some great pieces of homework brought in to share. There has been a lot of effort put into homework and children are keen to show others what they have been up to. Below are some pieces of homework to share with you.

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Desert Island Wildcard

On Friday year 2 took part in the wildcard for this half term. Their task was to create a 3d desert island making links with their learning over this half term. They worked in groups and used a variety of B.L.P skills including collaboration, capitalising, making links, imagining, empathy & listening and planning. Their second … Continue reading »

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Safer Internet Day 2020

We celebrated Safer Internet day this week and we shared what we already knew about keeping safe on the internet. We also made links with our computing topic about using email safely. We learned about online profiles and what types of information can be shared with others and what is personal information that should not … Continue reading »

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Health Champions- Learn New Things

Last week Mrs.Brown and the Health Champions help a pop up event over lunch to promote the strand’ Learn New Things’ from the Happy Me health message for this term. Children were invited to share something that they would like to try that was new to them. We made links with Finding Your Brave and … Continue reading »

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Salt Art

This week we have learned about a japanese artist called Motoi Yamamoto. He is famous for working with salt an essential material for both the human body and the ocean. He pours the tiny grains into images that look very different far away than they do up close — maze-like, lace- like, map-like, nature- like patterns that … Continue reading »

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Disgusting digestion?

Year 4 have been learning about the human digestion system. Today’s lesson got very messy as some pupils demonstrated how the digestion process works.

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What do we value?

This was the question Year 5 had to answer in our R.E. lesson this week. We have previously reflected on good and bad / right and wrong and we developed these ideas to help us discuss what things in life are truly ‘valuable’. The class had to discuss 21 different values, sorting them into lists … Continue reading »

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Scientific investigations

Year 4 have been considering the effects of drinks on teeth, as part of our work on the digestive system. They thought about what science questions they wanted to investigate, designed a suitable experiment, made predictions about what they expected to happen and recorded their observations. The pupils were surprised by some of their results!

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Year 4 Class Assembly

Year 4 shared their learning about Ancient Egyptians with the rest of the school and family and friends. They gave a great performance, showing some aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture, the importance of the River Nile, hieroglyphics and the process of mummification.

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Children’s Mental Health Week

This week we have been thinking about ‘finding our brave’ as part of Children’s Mental Health Week. We completed a task to show our brave. Then to keep the conversation open, today we read Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival. It highlighted how talking to someone can take the weight of your shoulders and can make … Continue reading »

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On Tuesday afternoon, 8 children represented Beal Vale in a Dodgeball tournament against 6 other primary schools in the area. It was a very warm afternoon in the sports hall but everyone played their best and didn’t give up. We had some very strong performances from all the children. In total the children played 15 … Continue reading »

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Health Champions- Be kind & Children’s Mental Health Week 2020

Today we completed our second whole school assembly to support this terms Happy Me health message. We focused on the strand ‘Be Kind’ and thought about what being kind meant to us. We also talked about random acts of kindness and how they needed to be done all the time not just for certain weeks … Continue reading »

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Desert Island Messages

On Monday we started to learn about desert islands, linking with our topic about pirates, and thought about what we might experience on the island using our senses. We used images of desert islands and worked in small groups to imagine what we could hear, see, touch, taste and smell. We shared our ideas and … Continue reading »

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What does ‘freedom’ mean to us?

Year 5 spent an R.E. lesson investigating what the words ‘freedom’, ‘fairness’, ‘justice’ and ‘forgiveness’ meant to them. They looked at real-life situations and in groups, discussed whether there had been justice in the situation, and whether having the freedom to do something meant that we were allowed do anything we want. The children felt … Continue reading »

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