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Author Archives: bvMrsBrown

Royal Wedding 2018

Today we celebrated the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a red,white and blue non uniform day. We started the day off with a whole school assembly where we looked at the plans for their wedding tomorrow and explored the immediate family tree. Back in class we did a variety of activities. We watched … Continue reading »

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On Friday we had a visitor called Matthew from Zoolab. He brought some amazing creatures some of which we were able to handle.  The children were fascinated by the animals and the facts that they learned. The session made links with our Science that we have covered in Year 3 in particular ‘Animals including Humans’ which … Continue reading »

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Billy Bob Buttons Visits Year 3

On Wednesday we were very lucky to have a special visitor to our class, the author of the 2014 UK People´s Book Prize Winner and UK bestseller Billy Bob Buttons. The children learned about the importance of knowing your character and how to bring a character to life. Edward, whose pen name is Billy Bob Buttons, … Continue reading »

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How to Become a Roman Gladiator

Our English topic this half term is learning about the Romans and in particular learning how to become a Gladiator. Today we used drama/ role play to further explore what it took to get from slave to Gladiator.  

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Following Instructions to Make a Roman Road

Today we have carried on with our instructional work in English. We thought about  the most important features of instructions and how they were structured. We then looked at a good example and a set of instructions that needed improving. As a class we discussed how they could be improved. Finally we followed a set … Continue reading »

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English- Following Instructions

Our new English topic for the next few week focusses upon instructions. The children had a little fun asking Mrs.Brown to copy a design from a card following their instructions and they quickly learned that instructions need to be precise. They then worked in pairs to instruct each other to copy the design as accurately … Continue reading »

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St.George’s Day

On Monday  we learned about St.George. This is the day on which we remember St George, England’s patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England’s national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. We were able to … Continue reading »

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Science- Light and Shadows

Our new topic for this half term is Light and Shadows. To start our topic off we were learning and sorting light sources and reflectors. The children chose an item from the bag and placed next to the correct label to indicate whether it was a light source or reflector. They loved this task and … Continue reading »

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Library visit March 2018

Today we visited our local library in Shaw.  Mrs.Gledhill explained how to use the library services,shared a couple of stories with  the children and then let them explore the children’s area. They had  a great time and we brought back five books on our new class ticket! Some of Year 3 already use the library … Continue reading »

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Health Champions Workshop 2 March 2018

Beal Vale was well represented at the recent Health Champions workshop at the Millenium Centre in Oldham earlier in March. The event was attend by Jenna Downing a world champion inline skater where she shared her story with us which highlighted  how much perseverance and determination she had. The event finished off with Jenna showing … Continue reading »

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International Day of Happiness 2018

Today we marked  International day of happiness by showing acts of kindness, creating a happiness tree and sharing a smile.  

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Wild Card Challenge

Today we completed a Building Learning Power (B.L.P) wild card challenge to answer the question ‘Do volcanoes exist on other planets?’ This was also an opportunity for staff to observe their developing B.L.P skills and how these are being applied to different tasks. The children worked in small groups to research the question and made … Continue reading »

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Art- Georges Seurat

This week we have continued our study of  A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. The children have sketched a scene from the original image and used the pointillism technique to complete.  

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World Book Day 2018 in Year 3

Today we celebrated World Book Day. We completed lots of activities such as creating word salads/ clouds, character selfies, character descriptions, designing a book token and we read our books to each other to name just a few activities. The children had a great day celebrating World Book Day. They also gave a donation each … Continue reading »

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Great Artists

Today we learned about some of the great artists through time. We looked at the work of Georgia O’Keeffe, Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Andy Warhol, Joseph Turner, Henri Matisse and Salvador Dali. The children were amazed by the pieces of work these artists produced.  

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Art -Colour Mixing

Today we started our new art  topic studying Georges Seurat and pointillism. We first though about how we see colour and then we explored by mixing different colours.  

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Georges Seurat

Today our main focus was to learn about Georges Seurat and what he was famous for. The children showed a good understanding of this artist and we mesmerized by his works of art, especially ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’. What facts can you recall from our session about Georges Seurat?

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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG)

This week in Spelling,Punctaution and Grammar  (SPAG) we used games as a way of further developing our skills.

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Science -Investigating Soils

This week in Science we learned about different types of soil. First we collected samples from different areas in our school grounds then we used magnifying glasses to explore further. We then looked to see if there were any differences in the soils collected from the different places. To finish the children wrote their own … Continue reading »

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Safer Internet Day 2018

Today we acknowledged Safer Internet Day in Year 3 by talking about the focus of this years SID, read a story, discussed the questions the story brought up, worked in groups to discuss scenario cards and thought of 5 rules to keep us safe on the internet.

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Choosing Time Activities

On Friday the children were able to use the new things that we had purchased for Choosing time. They had a great time exploring the different items which included some problem solving whilst putting some toys and games together.

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Science- Fossils

On Thursday as part of our final session on fossils Alex and Laycie explored the size and type of dinosaurs and then all the children created their own fossils in groups using biscuits.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Golden Objects

On Thursday as part of our English lesson we looked at a selection of golden objects and discussed our ideas in groups. We gathered adjectives to describe the objects to create a word bank and then used some of these words to write effective sentences.

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Year 3 Assembly 2018

Today was Year 3’s class assembly. The children did a fantastic job so a big well done to them all! The video below is one the children made especially for our reading assembly. Then the slideshow below captures some of the assembly in pictures.Take a look! assembly 2018 final from Beal Vale on Vimeo.   … Continue reading »

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Stop Cyberbullying!!

In Year 3 we have been learning about Cyberbullying.  The children identified ways this could happen and ways to stop this type of bullying during a class discussion and made posters.

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Science Investigating Rocks

Last week in Science the children learned about different rocks, their properties and why they are used for a certain purpose. Whilst some children were using books and Ipads to research rocks others carried out an investigation to test different rocks for their hardness. We then made links with Friedrich Mohs a geologist who devised … Continue reading »

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Science Rocks and Soils

As part of our new Science topic about Rocks and Soils, our task was to compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties. First the children were given chocolate samples to treat as ‘chocolate rocks’ to apply their descriptions and observations of chocolate to rocks. E.g Is … Continue reading »

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Health Champions Kick Start 2018

Today Mrs.Brown and our two Health Champions, Shannon and Ben, attended the first Workshop of the year.  The focus of today was Emotional and Mental Wellbeing. The activities included team building, poetry, happiness, idea stations, mindfulness and a workshop from Mind.  It was a great day with lots of practical ideas to take back to school. … Continue reading »

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Christmas Around The World Wild Card 2017

Yesterday we set the children the task of completing a number of challenges finding out about how other countries celebrate Christmas and their traditions.  They worked in groups using their B.L.P skills to complete the tasks then presented their findings to the rest of the class.

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Last week we had a visit from Miss.Stanley the recycling officer from Oldham Council. She talked about why and how we should recycle. The children were engaged and enthusiastic in a number of activities aimed to educate them about recycling . The activities made the children and staff think very carefully about where to put … Continue reading »

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