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Author Archives: bvMrsBrown

Year 1 & 2 Remembrance

This week year 1 and 2 have worked collaboratively to complete a number of tasks in their first enquiry. The focus was Remembrance and included some local history work about Shaw War Memorial. The children applied and further developed their BLP skills whilst learning more about why and how we mark Remembrance Day. The children … Continue reading »

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2019 Health Champions

Blaine and Aleezah have been chosen to be our Health Champions for this year from September 2019. They have already been on their first workshop training event and had a chance to network with others who are taking on the same role. They are in the process of planning their activities to promote their role … Continue reading »

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Today was the final day of book week and what a fantastic week it has been. We have based all our lessons from geography to music and English to PE on our chosen book ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward. We made links with reading VIPERS to make initial predictions about the book and to … Continue reading »

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Dragon Egg Nest Wildcard-Book Week

Today we received a very special delivery of three dragon eggs from Mr.Thomas Fireball who asked us to look after them until Sunday as he was going on holiday. He had heard that we had been learning about dragons in our book week book,The Dragon Machine, and thought we would make good caretakers. We were … Continue reading »

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The Dragon Machine- Book Week Art

This week, as part of book week, we have been creating dragon eyes using clay. We used close up images of dragon eyes and our imagination to create our very own design and used a variety of objects to add the finer detail. The children showed some good techniques and creativity. They look fantastic!

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Rounders Club

Rounders after school club is in full swing with children from Years 3, 4 and 5 taking part. Each week we have done some enjoyable training exercises before playing some matches. Each week a player or players receives the ‘golden bat award’ for showing good skills, sportsmanship or effort.

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George’s Marvellous Medicine – Roald Dahl

During the week of Roald Dahl Day we focused on George’s Marvellous Medicine in English sessions. First we read the book and in English we focused on George and his incredible invention. Then we devised our own Marvellous Medicine and designed a bottle fit for purpose. Next we wrote short character descriptions of Grandma from … Continue reading »

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Our First Scratch Session in Computing

Today we started to explore Scratch and learned how to edit and create backgrounds and sprites. Our aim was to create space themed backgrounds and sprites ready for our programming session next week.

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Computing- Bee-Bots in Space

This week we used the Bee Bots to support our work in computing. Each group programmed a Bee-Bot to follow their steps in their algorithms and the other children in the group were to predict where the robot would end up. Some children were challenged to see if they could programme their Bee-Bot to reach … Continue reading »

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This week we have planted Narcissus bulbs as part of our science work to see what plants need to grow. We have also set up some comparative tests to highlight what a plant actually needs to grow. We have got one with sunlight and water, one with water but no sunlight, one with sunlight and … Continue reading »

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Computing- We are Astronauts

We have started our unit of work in computing learning about algorithms and how a computer processes information in steps like instructions (algorithms). We worked in pairs to give each other instructions to get from planet Earth to the Moon, using hula hoops as our props. We quickly found out that instructions need to be … Continue reading »

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First Choosing time of the Year- Sept 2019

On Friday we had our first choosing time in year 2. Mrs Brown showed us all of our choosing time options and once we got started we had a great time exploring these. We cant wait till next week!

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Beginning of the Year Time Capsule

This week we completed a task that was going to form a simple version of a time capsule. We were required to draw a self portrait, write down what we were good at, what we thought year 2 was going to be like and gave a sample of our handwriting. We then folded our tasks … Continue reading »

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Get to know you Bingo

As part of our new school year we are learning about each other. First we did a teacher quiz to get to know our new teacher, Mrs Brown. Then we completed a bingo activity where we had to ask each other questions till we found someone who could answer the question. This was a fun … Continue reading »

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Reading for Pleasure

This week we have been talking about reading for pleasure and the types of things that children read. On Wednesday we explored books in our classroom in our ‘reading for pleasure’ session. The children chose books from a variety of places, read in a variety of places and socialised with their friends. We have talked … Continue reading »

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B.L.P – Wildcard 1- Creating Edible Robots

On Wednesday we read the book, Harry and the Robots. We then recapped our Building Learning Power skills and counted how many we could recall. Next we were given the task of designing a robot using only the materials on our tables, think of a name and describe what it could do. Then we made … Continue reading »

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Author Wildcard- B.L.P

This afternoon we completed an author wildcard challenge. The children were put into groups and chose an author from a bag. They combined and applied their BLP skills and worked effectively as a group to complete the given challenge.  

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Design Technology- Making Wraps

Today we continued our learning in Design Technology and made healthy wraps. We chose from a variety of ingredients including tuna, cheese, chicken and salad. They made links with our work on instructions and identified the imperative verbs as they were creating their wraps. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own wrap and enjoyed eating … Continue reading »

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What did the Romans leave us with?

This week to consolidate our learning we have thought about the things the Romans left us with. We were given some cards with legacies written on and in pairs we had to decide if they were Roman or not? After much deliberation we shared our ideas with the rest of the class and then found … Continue reading »

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Roman Jewellery

During this half term we have been exploring Roman jewellery. We have designed and created our own bracelets.

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RE Buddhism

This half term we have been learning about Buddhism in RE. This week we learned about the 5 main teachings of this religion. Then we devised a board game to reach Nirvana after learning about enlightenment. The children showed a good understanding of the Buddhist beliefs and made links with other religions.    

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Women’s Football World Cup 2019

We have been following the progress of England’s team in the world cup. We prepared for England’s semi-final match against USA and completed a mindfulness activity. Even though England didn’t progress to the final they will now play off for third place.  Well done England!!!  

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Wimbledon 2019

`On Monday 1st July Wimbledon started and to mark this we first learned about the history of this prestigious tennis event. Then we solved the mystery of the missing tennis balls. We had to solve maths problems to find clues to find out which tennis player discovered where the missing balls were. We made links … Continue reading »

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Design Technology- Fruit Smoothie

Today, as part of our DT, we designed and made fruit smoothies using fresh ingredients. We also designed the packaging for our smoothies if they were available to buy. We tried some fruit combinations for the first time and even found new things we liked after tasting.  

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Murton Park , York 2019

On Thursday 13th June we went to Murton Park in York to learn more about the Romans in a fantastic experience day. Equipped with their uniform, helmet, spear and shield, the young recruits were put through their paces learning how a fort was built and laid out before going on to learn the skills of weapons … Continue reading »

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Salford University Visits Year 3

Today we had a visit from Penny, an educational archaeologist, from Salford University. She came to teach us about Roman Gods and also brought along some replica Roman artefacts. The children really enjoyed the session and Penny was pleased with what the children already knew about The Romans.

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English- Training to be a Gladiator Role Play

Today we continued to learn about the life of a Roman slave training to be a famous Roman Gladiator. We also learned some technical vocabulary e.g fish crested helmet, leg greave, trident, circular bronze shield and dagger. We worked in groups to role play the different roles on the journey to becoming a Gladiator which … Continue reading »

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RE- What do we know about Jesus? Lesson 2

We continued with our unit of work in RE on Friday ‘What do we know about Jesus? ‘ and we chose our favourite image of Jesus to paint. We thought about what the picture we each chose told us about his characteristics and shared our end products and thoughts with the rest of the class.

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Hobbies 6/5/19- Health Champions

This week our focus has been on Hobbies. First each class completed an A-Z of hobbies and these were collected and collated into a chart for everyone to see the variety. Then we ran a hobby station at lunchtime for children to note what hobbies they already do, fill out a questionnaire and to identify … Continue reading »

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The Daily Mile -Health Champions

Last week ( 29.4.19)we relaunched The Daily Mile initiative at Beal Vale and looked again at the 10 core principles. This linked with our ‘Moving Me’ termly Health Champions message and our pledge to do 30 active minutes in the school day.  We have also used it an an opportunity to link with our personal … Continue reading »

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